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Our bodies like rivers and streams are alive. When affected by pollution through everything we breathe in, consume, and absorb through our skin, the instinct to heal itself activates itself. The more naturally pure we can maintain our body the more magical natural beauty and vibrant health we can express in connection with other life forms. Like all living things, rivers are in constant exchange with their environment: air, rain, earth, sun trees, algae, fish, and man.

The natural healthy exchange of life creates more order, more organization, and in the end radiates more refreshing natural healing energy. When our body is given the chance to seek wellness and detox, when we stop polluting the river, it can heal itself. It is amazing that we can awaken every cell in our body’s inherent self-cleansing healing wellness powers when we act upon natural laws of nature. Join our online detox and wellness programs.

Online Detox, Fasting, Juice fast, fruit Cleanse and raw food programs

14 Days 'Take Back Your Health'

2 Weeks online wellness and detox Professionally Supervised

21 Days 'Take Back Your Health'

3 Weeks online wellness and detox Professionally Supervised

28 Days 'Take Back Your Health'

1 Month online wellness and detox Professionally Supervised

56 Days 'Take Back Your Health'

2 Months online wellness and detox Professionally Supervised

84 Days 'Take Back Your Health'

3 Months online wellness and detox Professionally Supervised

22 Years Experience In Natural Healing

As a naturopathic wellness detox specialist, I learned that we do not cure diseases. We simply work on naturally bringing back a safe homeostatic balance to the body’s chemistry. 22 years of experience in natural healing, 14 years in wellness detox retreats, 3 years with online wellness and detox programs. The golden key of detoxification is to awaken the natural healing force within each cell of the body, which requires an alkaline medium with electrically “alive” nutrients to alkalize, hydrate, detoxify, cleanse, regenerate, and strengthen the function of trillions of cells in the body. Cells make up connective tissues, e.g. muscles, bones, teeth, organs, glands, brain, and nerve cells. The Vis Medicatrix Naturae, “The natural healing force within each one of us, is the greatest force in getting well.” using wellness, true detox as a science, based upon the laws and understanding of physics, chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, and fresh natural herbs.

Fruit Cleanse

“Grapes and lemons are two of nature’s greatest lymphatic cleansers and ‘tumor busters.’ I have seen lymphomas gone in forty-five days and stomach cancer gone in fifty-nine days using these fruit juice fasts in combination with herbal therapy and a raw food diet.” – Robert Morse, N.D.

And, If I Can't Join The Health Wellness Retreats Now?

We got your back if you can’t visit the retreats now. Because of COVID-19, we made sure you can start your journey of alkalization, hydration, detox, fasting, cleansing, regeneration, healing, and wellness program online today. Join one of our online detox and wellness programs. With daily ‘life’ check ups and professional supervision, personally tailored daily education, and guidance we lead you into vibrant health, vitality, wellness, and joy from the inside out. Fruit cleanses rank amongst the most powerful ancient and current healing approaches in the world, its beauty and effectiveness lie in its simplicity. Lost and rediscovered, tested time and time again since the beginning of mankind. Complete healing and regeneration of the body take time, nevertheless with courage, commitment, and patience you will achieve your goal. Our online detox and wellness programs will give you the leverage you need!  Contact us now by Email: [email protected] or call Patrick directly at +66 (0) 844408853 Thailand, Koh Samui.

“Life Is A Balance Of Holding On And

Letting Go” – Rumi 

What Clients Are Saying?

"But given, I exhausted all my solutions, I gave it a go!"

"Patrick was definitely the only person I was interested in contacting or talking to with regards to my run down, burnt-out, overstressed, overweight, over-40 (with dodgy knees) and time-constrained situation. A week or two in Thailand was not going to do the trick: so Patrick asked his questions, applied his charm (and of course expertise and iron will in a nice way), and got me to commit to a 28-day online detox wellness program while at home and work. I don’t know how Patrick managed to keep his cool and faith in the face of a non-photo, non-weighing, non-video conferencing client for 28 days of raw fruit detox (including in my case about 20 days fasting, 2 weeks lymphatic herbal cleansing and my insistence that there must be exercise!).Whatever the case: we connected and I persevered (not for the fainthearted – although the fruit and ginger and cinnamon were fun..) and apart from my skin clearing, my energy coming back, general inflammations (knees!) having been mostly banished and my hair failing to turn back to black; it’s 3 months later and I am told that I glow (for a guy: that’s a worrying state of affairs if it doesn’t come with batteries or superpowers…. but I’ll take what I can ).Incidentally: I lost about 16 kg, an inch from my neck, a second and third chin, and 4 inches on the waist during the program and a week after it. Subsequently, a few more kilos and an inch or two more from the waist are gone (now about 12 weeks since starting the program). Being a rugby build 189cm tall big guy who had reached. 117kg: not bad! What makes any program work for any individual is expertise, motivation, perseverance, and, if you are lucky, teamwork – Patrick brought his expertise, experience, charm, and friendship in a true sense to the table every day even at thousands of miles remove and I am grateful to him and much improved."
“From a person who has struggled with weight loss all her life and has tried every diet that is known to mankind, trust me this program will change your life. After being diagnosed with Lipedema, which is a rare fat disease that only affects 11% of the population, I really struggled with weight loss and was rapidly gaining weight. Within one year, I gained close to 30 kgs. The only solution was to remove the diseased fat (with surgery) and have vein therapy. After having 3 extensive surgeries that involved 5.5-hour operations to remove the diseased fat I thought it was going to be all uphill from there. However, what I didn’t consider was how the inflammation was going to affect my results (which was obviously caused by food). After eating a ‘clean’ keto diet for 6 months my condition got worse and made me gain an additional 10 kgs post-op.My cholesterol and sugar levels increased, high cholesterol was a way for my body to control the inflammation. My body was very sore and I was in a lot of pain. After talking to my surgeon who advised me that I was that ‘one-percent’ and there wasn’t much he could do about it, I took matters into my hand. I have previously met Patrick at another detox program in which helped our family a lot, so I reached out to Patrick. He advised a week prior to visiting him at the resort to start by eating only fruits for one week. Given my previous knowledge of fruits as it's high in sugar etc, I was hesitant to try it at first. I was excited but wasn’t sure how I would go considering I had not lost 1 kg 3 years ago due to my condition. But given that I had exhausted all my solutions, I gave it a go.After trying the fruitarian diet for 1 week there was no looking back! My inflammation decreased, I finally dropped the weight on the scales and booked my tickets straight away. Three weeks on the program I lost 5 kgs, pain decreased, the inflammation went down, skin cleared up, and felt energized overall. Patrick is very knowledgeable and makes it easy to do this new lifestyle. Post 3 months and I have lost 20 kgs and am still continuing this amazing life-changing fruitarian way! Patrick, I could easily say you have changed my life! The program is easy to do, flexible, and will fit your requirements. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs either great weight loss, a good cleanse, or overall general wellbeing.Forget everything you know about any diet or scammed billion-dollar weight-loss industry, just stick to fruits, keep hydrated, and most importantly give it time and stay consistent. Your life will change. Guaranteed.
Shirin Testimony
Shirin (Australia)
"Hi Patrick, Hope you are well and enjoying your new role. Attached are my latest blood results. A significant improvement. My inflammation is almost within normal range. I am sticking to healthy eating – mostly fruits and veggies. And found a yoga and meditation class. Thank you again for helping me get onto the right path. Take care." Lesley
Lesley Funnell (Australia)
2018 Facebook

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