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Patrick Van Brusse;About me

About me, as an International Naturopathic Detox Specialist, I have launched Private 1To1 or Private Group retreats. As well as Online 1To1 and Online Private group wellness regenerative detox and scientific fasting programs.
Patrick has been blessed over the past 21 years as an authority and leader in the field of natural healing, with a motto: “No one can prevent what you have been blessed with”.
About his vision, is set on physical regenerative detoxification. Including spiritual, emotional, and mind management and other important wellness dimensions. With about 33 years of research in the spiritual fields, his ability to understand human behavior in a kind compassionate but detached way enhances his ability to bring back balance to his client’s body, mind, heart, and soul in a down to earth ‘ Unusual Funny Zen’ way. 
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Top 1 Unique Detox Retreats

Growth Stages ButterflyAbout every retreat I have worked for has those amazing hidden blessings. Every retreat owners I worked for have bestowed their blessings in their own unique way. Every retreat was a learning process towards the next level of growth. The amazing growth process is in becoming our own unique personality in sharing our own wisdom and my ‘Truth’.  No matter what it takes, we are not meant to be a copy of others we become who we want to become, and fill in our own puzzle piece within the bigger picture. We do not need to stay when we are meant to move on: as a guest during one of my workshops beautifully said. “We are not trees we can move!”

It reminds me of the beautiful story of The Butterfly, the 5 Instar phases of metamorphosis it goes through. The transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly takes place in the chrysalis or pupa. Butterflies go through a life cycle of five stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. 

About growth, it is not a resting stage

Inside the chrysalis, several things are happening and it is not a “resting” stage. Inside the chrysalis of a butterfly, a caterpillar’s body turns to liquid form and it is rebuilt as a butterfly. The interesting part is that every time a growth stage comes to completion, and becomes too big for its skin. The new skin is already prepared,  and in the final stage, the body is prepared for the new life, the caterpillar’s old body dies inside the chrysalis and a new body with beautiful wings appears after a couple of weeks. A couple of days before the butterfly emerges, the chrysalis changes color, The butterfly’s patterns, and color can be seen through the chrysalis. The butterfly breaks out of the protective chrysalis and pumps blood into its newly formed wings. Then it flies away.


About my retreat supervision journey

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About The Top 1 Unique Online Detox


Be ready for an exquisite three months of transformational change. The wellness programs are about efficiency, life interaction, and inspiring education with a duration of 1 week to 12 weeks. Launched in 2018, our uniquely designed – ‘Take your health Back’  programs are primarily based on fruit cleanses and fresh raw foods, with leniency for beginners or those that have a need to implement transition foods. Other protocols can be implemented as needed.

  • Fruit and fresh raw food cleanse / 7 days to 84 days
  • Implementation of short dry fasts / 24 hrs – 36 hrs. 
  • Intermittent Fasting / 14 hrs-20 hrs.
  • Water fasting / 3 days – 10 days. 
  • Fresh Juice Fasting / 5 days – 28 days. 

We support clients from all over the world

The wellness programs are about efficiency, life interaction, and inspiring education based on truthful honest research with a duration of 1 week to 12 weeks, 3 months.  We support clients from all over the world. and from all walks of life. Our programs rank amongst the Top 1 uniquely designed online wellness programs currently worldwide available for regaining optimum health, happiness, and awakening the natural healing power in each cell of the body.  Providing first-class up to date educationally comprehensive regenerative detoxification and scientific fasting guidance.

For those who have the budget and want to add Herbal protocols, we can advise on which fresh herbs to use, the best herbal kits of high quality that are currently on the market. 

Last but not least, life is about connection and finding our own life path. The matter of fact is we all crave connection with other human beings, intimacy with our true self as well as intimacy with the true self of someone else. Linda Goodmen writes in her book Love Stars  ” Love is a men’s and women’s deepest need. There are no threats that crushes the human spirit so much, but the fear that there is no one who truly cares, no one who really understands.” The inner need that drives every person is love, not to only give it or receive it but to share it. To love and be loved in return. “For all those who believe, expect a miracle.” – Linda Goodman

What I Do To Help You Achieve Your Goal!

I educate, inspire, and transform lives! Read our success stories here.

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