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Sometimes we don’t ask questions because we think we should know and we feel embarrassed. Don’t feel ashamed to ask what you presume to be a ‘foolish’ question. We are here to help you. Clarity is important before the start of one of our retreat programs, online detox programs, and exclusive sessions.

Keto Diet

Answered Questions

What about fruit sugars?

Those who have higher fasting glucose levels are starving their cells for essential carbon, which is vital in keeping a cell healthy and alive. Fruits would be very advisable in these cases, as fruit sugars can be used by cells where the pancreatic and adrenal function can block glucose (vegetable sugar) entry. During the initial detoxification process, you might initially have blood glucose “loading”. Once your sugar metabolism issues have been successfully corrected the blood sugar will start to drop. Your cells will be getting energy and therefore, the atrophy will stop.

What is regenerative detoxification?

Regenerative Detoxification is nature’s science that has been used for thousands of years to restore health and vitality to our physical, emotional, and mental bodies.  It is not a system of treatment – it is a system of restoring the body back to health and vitality. Detoxification makes you realize that your physical body is nothing but cells bathed in fluids.  Regeneration makes you aware of the chemistry that is needed to regenerate cells. The requirement to eat certain foods that create a high electrical and nutritive effect upon these fluids (hence, cellular regrowth).  Understanding the true nature of our lymphatic system and immune system and why these are a vital focus in detoxification.