Can I Exercise While On A detox?

Intense Exercise is not Advised 

Intense exercise is not advised when your body is already struggling with interstitial acidosis and lack of kidney filtration. Too much exercise and activity will generate more metabolic acids. In the process of self-healing, we do not want to produce more interstitial cellular acidosis preventing full recovery.

Let the water-rich alkaline fruits move lymph and increase cellular hydration first. The increase of cellular acidosis will increase water retention and prevent effective weight loss. More acid production results in higher cholesterol levels, leach calcium, create deposits of hardened calcium, cause burning (inflammation) and weakens cells and connective tissues. We want to prevent further erosion and degeneration of cells through rest and relaxation.

When you have a chronic or degenerative condition, it is important to first remove the congestion of waste out of the sewer system, your lymphatic system.  Interstitial cellular acidosis will evolve further into causes genetically weak and dead cells as the acids affect and penetrate the cell membrane and cause intracellular acidosis. Resulting in the complete deterioration of the cells.

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Can I exercise During a detox? Deva Raksa Hip Hop Groove

Exercise Intensity Level During Detox Programs

While detoxing you should not exercise intensively. Gentle exercise is recommended. If you are healthy you can use moderate exercise levels, but always make sure your kidneys are filtering waste effectively. Be aware that detox requires your body to be in the relaxation mode to keep all elimination channels open and functioning optimally. 

Gentle Exercise To Move Lymph 

Kidney filtration is key!  Eat fruits, do gentle exercise to move lymph and make sure your kidneys are filtering. But let first the chemistry of the high electrical energy of the fruits or juices do the moving of lymph and the regeneration of cells. During the daily Nurse Check Up we will keep an eye on kidney filtration. If we do not see sediment or mucus threads in your urine we will advise you to keep exercise to a minimum. If you are creating more acids and your system is not filtering well you are setting yourself up for more inflammation, more acidosis more swelling. Exercise will then make the symptoms come out more intensively.

You will find in every health issue the retention of cellular waste is compromised at one level or the other and creating a genetic downslide of cells. Take also adrenal fatigue in consideration as well as other weakened functions of glands because of acid congestion in the lymphatic system and interstitial cellular fluid, you want to make sure the acids will not burn through the cells and cause intercellular acidosis. This is your pathway to tumors and degenerative cells formations. Cancer cells are in essence dying cells, cells in the process of degeneration and deterioration. Cancer cells have been surrounded and bathed in an intercellular acidic medium for too long.

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Complex Proteins And Interstitial Acidosis

Avoid Stress In the Fight & Flee Mode

It is of great importance to avoid all stress and strain that might activate the “fight & flee” response during a detox program. Refraining from strenuous muscular exertion that produces lactic acid in the tissues, will minimize the acid waste to a minimum. Interrupted rest and relaxation should be your priority, together with a diet that produces the least acid metabolic waste and requires minimal digestive energy, while delivering maximum alkaline high electrical nutrition to the body to detoxify, cleanse and regenerate itself.

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Can I exercise during detox? Standard Rejuvenation

Interstitial cellular acidosis causes weakness of connective tissue

Increased bone and connective tissue weakness. Osteoporosis and its resultant fractures are relatively rare in Asian countries like Japan, where people live as long or longer than Americans and consume almost no calcium-rich dairy products. In Western countries that consume the most dairy foods, the rates of osteoporotic fractures are among the highest in the world. A low-acid food consumption, a diet laden with fruits and vegetables lead to stronger bones rather than a diet rich in dairy products and animal protein, often enhanced by calcium supplements. These dietary changes might even prevent or delay other chronic conditions.

We do not serve any complex protein foods during our detoxification programs. Extreme acid food consumption causes agglomeration, acidosis is the cause of the stiffening and hardening of connective tissue. It causes calcium depletion from the connective tissue and consequently calcium deposits to settle in every cell tissues of your body. Causing arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney stones, liver, and gallbladder stones, further weakening every cell and organ, primarily the kidneys. In the worst case scenario, it leads to kidney failure and dialysis.

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