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Personal Training Rejuvenation Module

Whether just starting out, or you reached an intermediate level, or advance at a more intenser level, the simplest programs are usually the best. Your body, an amazing machine, adapts progressively to the amount and type of work that you demand of it.

Habitually lifting heavy weights increases bone density. Regular exercise that causes muscular contraction against external resistance builds muscular power and strength. The basic principle of physical conditioning is to activate such adaptation through repetition of specific exercises in a planned progression of activity. To make your body function better, we do not only train muscles, we stretch and also train movements.

Different types of activity are fueled by three principle biochemical pathways. The aerobic energy system, the anaerobic energy system, and the creatine phosphate energy system. The three systems work at the same time but one will dominate another depending on the intensity and duration of the activity.

Program Lenght: 5-7-10-14-21-28 Days

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