Most Effective Direct Detox Path

When we decide to stop using only band-aids and we acknowledge that our diseases are in some part self-inflicted. We can start to make some real changes. Our retreats offer you that direct detox path to physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and social regeneration. With the right support, the body can regenerate every cell from the inside out, dramatically enhancing your quality of life.

While it is important to include the benefits of ketosis and autophagy, the most powerful healing approach in the world considers the often overlooked importance of the support of an alkaline high water electrolyte electrolyte-rich medium when implementing a dry fast, water fast, intermittent fast or juice fast.  Ketogenic diets or high-fat cleansing ketogenic protocols do not offer you this important support.  The beauty and effectiveness of a fruit cleanse lie in its simplicity. While most cleanses start with good intentions and promises unrealistic results. The fruit fast path is not overly ambitious but in time with patience will give you the results you have been looking for.

Our Detox path is tested time and time again since the beginning of mankind, lost and rediscovered. Based on the fact that we can not change the interstitial cellular fluid pH and state of the body through manipulation by isolated nutrition, supplements or symptomatic allopathic or holistic treatments.

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Standard Rejuvenation

Healing Turning Point

Depending on your health condition and detox preparations.  An intense healing turning point may occur. By implement less intense cleansing foods we can help you go through this turning point more smoothly. With foods such as vegetable juices, salads, steamed vegetables, soups or broths.

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Retreats - Detox Modules


Detox Weight Loss


Detox Weight Loss

Deva Raksa Restorative Yoga


Detox Weight Loss

Deva Raksa Haven Detox

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Weight Loss & Management

Koh Samui Detox Fasting

Holistic Relaxation Therapy

The Healing Powers of Thoughts, Words, Emotions

Intensive Serious Lifestyle Issues

Serious Lifestyle Issues

Unyoke Alcohol Drugs ‘Bonding’

Koh Samui Detox

 Dysmetabolic Syndrome X

Online Detox Programs - Wellness Regenerative Detoxification Retreats Are fruit sugars unhealthy and inferior?

Unyoke Smoking ‘Bonding’

Quit Smoking Addiction Module

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Standard Rejuvenation

Deva Raksa Standard Rejuvenation program

Personal Training

Deva Raksa Personal Training Rejuvenation

Muay Thai Training

Deva Raksa Muay Thai Boran Rejuvenation

Hip Hop Groove

Deva Raksa Hip Hop Groove Rejuvenation

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Well Being Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

 Important Special Note

To all our guests who join our Deva Raksa Wellness Programs in Koh Samui. Our wellness team will make personal adjustments wherever your current health, mobility condition, and detoxification level requires. Someone who is healthy will naturally need to do things differently than someone who has chronic or degenerative health issues. All our modalities are professionally supervised. Be fully aware that your choice of the diet of the last 3 months has affected your health consideringly today. Consistent unhealthy diets for months or years can dramatically affect your cells consciousness and impair its efficiency. Disturbances start to take place on a genetic level that started with interstitial acidosis and finally intracellular acidosis, accelerates the malfunction, degeneration, and death of cells.

Advised Blood Chemistry Panel

Bring your recent Blood Chemistry Panel. You can also book the initial or final test with us.

Choice Of Luxury Accommodation - Suites & Villas

Luxury Accommodation Banburee Resort, a total of 12 Villas, two sets of Family Villas (four rooms) and 24 Deluxe Rooms

Deluxe Suite Deva Raksa
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Make A Change Today!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Patrick our Wellness Director & Detoxification Specialist Deva Raksa Haven Restorative Wellness Center & Banburee Resort & Spa, in Koh Samui Thailand.  Please feel free to call telephone + 66(0) 8444 088 53 or contact by mail, if you require any further information.