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Deva Raksa Standard Rejuvenation program

Start With Small Steps

Sometimes little changes can be enough to get you started. I had a client whose blood sugar was reaching towards 300. During breakfast, he could not control his appetite and started binging a huge amount of food. He could not come and join our programs yet.  So I advised him to reduce his portions. After a few months, he called me to let me know that his sugar had dropped by 100 points. 

Standard Rejuvenation Module

Physical Conditioning is polar to regenerative detoxification. You can not improve your health, a healthy body composition, and performance at the same time on detoxification nutritional regenerative fasting protocols. Detoxification lays a solid foundation, physical conditioning, builds on that foundation.

Now you can burn deeper layers of fat, tone and strengthen your muscles without sacrificing your health and performance. We do not favor ergogenic (performance enhancing) drugs, crash or high complex protein diets, diuretics, etc… to get quick weight loss and visual results. We avoid nonessential nutrients (e.g caffeine), unnatural isolated ‘nutritional’ supplements, steroids, etc….

Ergogenics may give you a brief improvement of performance and make you visually look better at first, they often lead to a degradation of health with serious future side effects, inhibiting long-term expectations and achievements.

Nutritional support is focused primarily on raw vegan, whole Thai and other traditional foods. Special dietary implementations are available upon request.

Program Lenght: 5-7-10-14-21-28 Days

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If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Patrick our Wellness Director & Detoxification Specialist Deva Raksa Haven Restorative Wellness Center & Banburee Resort & Spa, in Koh Samui Thailand.  Please feel free to call telephone + 66(0) 8444 088 53 or contact by mail, if you require any further information.