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Enquiry Form. We are here to help you. Clarity is important before the start of one of our health wellness retreat programs, or online detox and wellness programs. When we receive your question we will respond to you with an answer as soon as possible or write a blog article that includes your answer.  

Fill out the form below and add your question. Also, fill out the online Health Check Form so we can give you the best guidance possible. The health check is free when you book your program. Charge is 3,000 THB (96 USD, 72 GBP, 81 EUR, 132 AUD, 352 AED), please check latest currency updates. For more information about our online programs go to Programs 

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Enquiry Form

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*The online health check form and consultation Are free of charge (Included in your program) when booking your program. Online programs with the implementation of raw food or and fruit-cleanse, dry, water, intermittent, or juice fasts options with mutual agreement and depending on your current health condition. Currently, there are no health retreat programs available because of COVIT 19.