Fruit Cleanse

Grape-Detox-CureA fruit cleanse ranks amongst the most powerful ancient and current healing approaches in the world, it’s beauty and effectiveness lie in its simplicity. Lost and rediscovered, tested time and time again since the beginning of mankind. We see amazing transformations just by undergoing as little as a month’s wellness and detox care. A fruit cleanse evaporates fatness and ugliness both were overcome with the restoration of a relatively high level of health.

Naturopathy is the purest form of healing. Its procedures and diagnostic tools are all totally non-invasive. Prana, chi, or life force is the energy that creates and constitutes the whole universe. Electromagnetic energy is rated in units of angstroms. It is present in all that moves and does not move, but is especially powerful in living things from fish to fowl, from plants, flowers, fruits to man.

Every species has its own pattern, and the health and vitality of the plant are reflected in the brightness, color, and motion of the light flares. Pfeiffer demonstrated how life force pulsates from natural foods, but not from inorganic minerals and synthetic vitamins, which are relatively dead. For instance, testing vitamin C from natural sources such as rose hips, he established that the pattern of vitality was far stronger than for artificial vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Pfeiffer’s work supports that the body’s requirements can only be met by organic vitamins and minerals, found in balanced proportions in natural food. Pfeiffer established that synthetics do indeed have a lower biological value. He is quoted by Tomkins and Bird as saying:

“A natural organism or entity contains factors which cannot be recognized or demonstrated if one takes the original organism apart and determines its component parts by way of analysis. One can, for instance, take a seed, analyze it for protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, moisture and vitamins, but this will not tell its genetic background or biological value”.

Fruits Have The Highest Bio-Frequency. The higher the quantity of angstroms a food gives off, the higher the healing energy and regenerative power of the food. The energies in raw fruit are so high that they speed up neuron transport and endocrine function. We need at least 6000 to 7000 angstroms of systemic energy at all times to even begin to smile, no less to be happy and healthy. The human (average)  body frequency resonates at  6,500 angstroms. The Cancer Patients’ body (generally) resonates at  4,875 angstroms. Now let us look at the difference between raw fruits and raw vegetables and compare them with cooked vegetables. 

The bio-frequency of fresh raw fruits resonates at an amazing 8,000 to 10,000 angstroms. Fresh raw vegetable bio frequency resonates at  8,000 to 9,000 angstroms. The bio frequency of cooked vegetables resonates at 4,000 to  6,500 angstroms. While these can still resonate at 6,000 to 6,500 Angstroms, probably steamed, the more heavily cooked ones will not be able to lift your systemic energy up top the level it will regenerate your body from top to toe. 

It's beauty and effectiveness lies in simplicity

Fruit CleanseWith a Fruit cleanse as with any other cleansing or fasting protocol. Time is on your side, try to eat all raw fruits and vegetables, the next day, try again. Keep trying each day until you have eaten all raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables for a few days straight. Feel the difference between all raw and just some cooked foods.

The difference is like night and day. Some days you may only want to eat fruits, Which is great and that is what you want to achieve. A fruit cleanse has the greatest cleansing and regenerative detoxification power of all foods. Especially advised for serious health conditions before starting any intenser fasting protocol. Their high electromagnetic energy energetics makes them an unmatched nerve and brain food. 

Get a cycle going for yourself. Your body loves cycles. It loves habit. It actually depends and functions better on routine. As time goes on you may want to incorporate some juice water or dry fasting into your program. This will accelerate the detoxification process. Give fasting your best shot. The longer you last, the healthier you will get. Recondition yourself by retraining your eating habits. I designed the “Take Your Health Back’ programs to be easy and effective. Enjoy the clean feeling and the sense of vitality that raw foods offer. You will never regret this journey into vibrancy, longevity, and spirituality.

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