How To Prepare For A Detox?

When do I start? 

We encourage you to start to prepare yourself anytime from now, to the best of your ability. While most detox programs suggest 3 days pre-fast preparation, we suggest that you leave out of your diet all junk and processed foods, meat and meat by-products, as soon as possible. Focus on completing your detoxify program until you gain back your health. After that, you can balance out and decide which healthy eating approach will be most feasible for you without losing the benefits you have achieved. 

Eliminate all foods that are not are not the proper foods man should be consuming, which is simply reflected in the physiological design of the human species. Once called omnivores by many, humans are actually frugivores. Man’s diet should be predominantly fruits and vegetables, instead of dead animals, their milk, and dormant foods (grains & beans).

The after effects of Chemical Food Industry. Because of the type of foods and chemicals man has been (and is) consuming, most of us have created a state of toxicity, genetic weakness, decay and degeneration of cells never before seen in any species. We have a higher percentage of children born with tumors and cancers than ever before.

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Wellness Bodyguard - Deva Raksa How to prepare for a detox

Do not focus on a quick fix or a once in a lifetime detox experience.

There is more to a detox than just a simple detox. Most of our forefathers, and even ourselves we have been ignorant of our body’s proper nutritional needs for the most part of our lives.

The better the preparation, the smoother the journey

It is not just a simple detox

Understanding this and what one must do to reverse acute, subacute and most challenging chronic and degenerative conditions, it is vital to understand the golden key to detoxification and everything related to that is the preservation of our species and one’s experience of True Health.

There is so much misinformation, mainly because of big business, that man is confused and frustrated. Our many years of experience and in line with the latest research we will lead you through a regenerative detoxification process that will be the start of an amazing discovery journey that will give you tremendous benefits,

Through our daily Nurse Medical Check Up under the supervision of our detoxification specialist, you will be closely monitored on a daily basis and the program can be adjusted at any time to suit your physical, emotional and mental needs. While healing crises may happen, at the same time we endeavor to make your journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. 

Pre, During, And Post Detox Advice

Pre Detox

Leave out of your diet all junk and processed foods, meat and meat by-products. Also any stimulants like coffee, alcohol, etc… and focus on a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, fruits, salads, steamed vegetables, soups, etc…ideally you increase your raw living food intake towards a minimum of 50% and further increase it to 80%.  The ideal would be a 100% raw food intake with 80% fruits and 20% Vegetables. If you have any doubts or questions on this pre-cleansing advise please do not hesitate to contact us so we can further assist you on your preparation journey.  

Our Regenerative Detoxification programs focus on 100% raw foods. Most people have no idea how good their body and mind is supposed to feel. You can not restore the body to the highest level of health on cooked foods. Increase proteins and starches in your diet and you will feel the inflammation and pain increase as well. The focus should be on fruits than fresh leafy green or herbal juices and raw salads.

Prepare yourself for a Fruit Detox, the most powerful healing approach in the world. Our programs are for those people who want to challenge themselves to really make a difference and have tried many options already without the desired long-term results.

Avoid the intake of devitalized hunger aids or stimulants

Most are highly toxic substances, such as chewing gum, coffee, candy, alcohol, cigarettes, soda’s, processed foods and drugs (medicinal and otherwise) should be avoided. We advise under your GP’s supervision to come off medication or titrate upon doctors advise to reduce as much as possible the negative effect of medicines on the detoxification process. 

 During Detox 

We advise to take full advantage of your program and commit to a full-time Fruit or Fruit-Juice fast, to get the most out of your program. We can alter the level of intensity of the detox at any time to suit your condition and personal goals.

We can also implement a pre-fast or post-fast cleanse to break your fasting detox protocol. The better you prepare your self, naturally the longer the program, the more benefit and better results you will derive from the program

Why A Fruit Cleanse? To improve your level of wellbeing we want to see a lymphatic response, this especially happens when acid and sub-acid fruits or juices are consumed.  Fruits, also being a simple sugar, are superior for diabetics, pancreatitis, hepatitis, and all other gastric and intestinal conditions. Fructose does not require insulin or extensive digestive enzymes. Fruits’ magnetic (electrical) energy is the highest of all foods, making them a superior brain and nerve foods.

They will bring energy to the body where most other foods take it away instantly. Your journey with us starts right there where you are. You can start regenerating every cell from the inside out, dramatically enhancing your quality of life.

Post Detox 

The post detox advise is the same as the pre-detox advise. If you can stay with an 80-100% raw food diet, or only fruits you will continue on your path of self-healing and recovery. If you wish to break your detox, be careful not to go back to the kind of foods that causes you problems in the first place. Make feasible lifestyle changes you can follow. Break your fast wisely. High Complex protein foods even vegan origin are not advised after a fruit, fruit juice or fruit fast. 

How to prepare for a detox - Fruit Cleanse nature's BEST

100% Raw Fruits & Vegetable - Most effective!

Natural Healing 

When Naturopaths, Wellness Consultants or Nutritional Therapist advise the serving of complex protein foods such as meats, nuts seeds, beans, rice, etc… during a detox program, it shows serious unawareness and misunderstanding about what proteins, acids do to the body, interstitially and intracellular, you can not detox and most importantly heal your body on the wrong kind of foods.

During our regenerative detoxification programs, we do not serve nuts, seeds, animal protein, fish, dairy, eggs, cheese, grains, refined/ processed starches and sugars, we want to wake up the dormant natural healing force within each one of us. Vis Medicatrix Naturae, Understanding the laws of base and acid chemistry is undeniable the greatest asset and knowledge how to activate this healing force.

Detoxification and cleansing foods 

A Fruit Detox is the most powerful healing approach in the world. Our programs are for those people who want to challenge themselves to really make a difference and have tried many options already without the desired long-term results.

Now do not worry, we are flexible and adjust your program when required, we can move up are down to accelerate or slow down your detoxification process. The different levels we use in our detox programs are mentioned from Most Intense to Less Intense.

  • Dry Fasting

  • Water Fasting

  • Mono – Fruit Juice

  • Fruit Juice

  • 100 % Fruit

  • 2 Fruit + 1 Salad (Vegetables & Leafy Greens)

  • 1 Fruit + 2 Salad (Vegetables & Leafy Greens)

  • Green Smoothies or Juices

  • 1 Fruit + 1 Salad +  1 Steamed Vegetables

  • Steamed or poached vegetables & leafy greens

  • Cooked vegetables & leafy greens, soups & broths

Note: Green Juices / Smoothies are implemented to slow down the Detoxification Process.

We do not serve nuts, seeds, animal protein, fish, dairy, eggs, cheese, grains, refined/ processed starches and sugars during your detox program, as we want to avoid putting toxic foods in so you will have much better results during your detoxification Experience. After all, you want the best results.

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Make A Change Today! 

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Patrick our Wellness Director & Detoxification Specialist Deva Raksa Haven Restorative Wellness Center & Banburee Resort & Spa, in Koh Samui Thailand.  Please feel free to call telephone + 66(0) 8444 088 53 or contact by mail, if you require any further information.