Amir's Testimony

Long-Term Weight Loss Results

Thailand January 2016

Rejuvenation Weight Loss

Only 3 months later

I weighed an optimal 75KG

After 20 days, my physical and mental well-being drastically improved under his guidance.

Patrick is a genuinely supportive person with heart-to-heart feedback. Regarding my progress, he told me I was ready to go by the 20th day and continue implementing the healthy changes on my own. Instead of wasting the remaining 8 days, they were credited for future use.

Only 3 months later, I weighed an optimal 75KG. This was not a race and I did not to expect seeing it this fast either. The key was by simply following his program and guidance with fun and dedication.

The super fast weight loss might have been the most visible lifestyle change. However, for me, the most important change was my mental and physical strength as a result of his amazing program.

Two years on, I have maintained my healthy lifestyle changes and been enjoying a much higher quality of living.”

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I weighed approximately 105 KG

Weight Loss Rejuvenation Program

Lifestyle Coaching Lifestyle Change Program. Achieve healthy goals with the coaching of Patrick. The Lifestyle Chance Program focuses on changing your lifestyle for a healthier and higher quality of living.  

“I chose a flexible, 4-week lifestyle change program with Patrick in order to focus on the following: Healthy eating, exercising and sleeping.

Prior to starting the program, I weighed approximately 105 KG and lacked focus, discipline and a healthy living. Although this was not a pure relaxing vacation and there were challenges, I simply followed the program with Patrick’s flexibility which made things more comfortable and enjoyable. Moreover, there was a wealth of learning and experience gained in such a short period of time.

Life Style Coaching Lifestyle Change


Achieve healthy goals with the coaching of Patrick. The Lifestyle Chance Program focuses on changing your lifestyle for a healthier and higher quality of living.

Summer 2017

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Amir's Testimony

Patrick Comments On LifeStyle Transformation


Stay In The Present, The Power of Now

We will be more successful in all our endeavors if we can let go of the habit of running all the time, and take little pauses to relax and re-center ourselves. And we’ll also have a lot more joy in living.

Energize, inspire yourself and stay in the present. Review the controllable, don’t assume. Know your ability, review your strengths. Apply positive mental imagery. Picture yourself succeeding. Positively interpret feelings of arousal, say: “ I am prepared!”

Relax down – achieve control by letting go, developing and mastering the process of relaxation through practice enables anyone to lower emotional levels and counteract the natural tendency to tense or tighten up when faced with a confrontation.

Get comfortable, focus on feeling. Whether you are sitting, standing, walking or running, try to relax different parts of the body. Relaxation aids sleep conserves energy, re-vitalizes and increases receptiveness. enjoy and share this Lifestyle Coaching Lifestyle Change Program Testimony!

Easy, Safe And Effective Weight Loss

If Not NOW Than WHEN

It was a pleasure working with Amir, especially his attitude and approach and commitment to achieve his goals. A step by step process. When I visited Dubai in 2017, it was a pleasure to meet him and see his improvements and what he had achieved. Our Lifestyle Coaching Lifestyle Change Program proofs if we really want something we can achieve real tangible Transformation.

His Testimony is to encourage you that change is possible. In Sports Psychology, Mindpower means that we first think in terms of success before we manifest success. All of our achievements begin with a simple thought. But the basic formula also requires diligence. When you vigorously reject the concept of personal limitations – also after failure – and become enthusiastic about that which you can achieve it is astonishing what new qualities will suddenly appear within you. 

The high-achievers (successful sportsman and woman) are those who have developed their mind power to the extent whereby they fully believe in themselves and their capabilities, who have the heart ‘the courage’ to rise to the occasion and accept the challenge. Refusing to succumb to fear they decide not to retreat to a safer, more comfortable level.

We develop an I can consciousness, we do not try, hope or wish. An I will determination. We have a definite objective and find that you CAN do it, and WILL do it, the next thing is to put your plan into action, employ your do-it-now attitude. While joining ONE OF OUR SUCCESSFULL PROGRAMS you will develop you do-it-now attitude. Join our Lifestyle Coaching Lifestyle Change Programs!

You may fail many times. But you must never give up!