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Testimonial 28 Days Online Detox Weight Loss Program.

Patrick was definitely the only person I was interested in contacting or talking to with regards to my run down, burnt-out, over stressed, overweight, over-40 (with dodgy knees) and time-constrained situation. A week or two in Thailand was not going to do the trick: so Patrick asked his questions, applied his charm (and of course expertise and iron will in a nice way) and got me to commit to a 28 day detox program while at home and working.

I don’t know how Patrick managed to keep his cool and faith in the face of a non-foto, non-weighing, non video conferencing client for 28 days of raw fruit detox (including in my case about 20days  fasting, 2weeks lymphatic herbal cleansing and my insistence that there must be exercise! ).  Whatever the case : we connected and I persevered (not for the faint hearted – although the fruit and ginger and cinnamon were fun..) and apart from my skin clearing, my energy coming back, general inflammations (knees!) having been mostly banished and my hair failing to turn back to black; it’s 3  months later and I am told that I glow (for a guy: that’s a worrying state of affairs if  it doesn’t come with batteries or superpowers…. but I’ll take what I can ).

Incidentally: I lost about 16 kg, an inch from my neck, a second and third chin, and 4inches on the waist during the program and a week after it. Subsequently a few more kilos and an inch or two more from the waist are gone (now about 12 weeks since starting the program). Being a rugby build 189cm tall big guy who had reached. 117kg: not bad!

What makes any program work for any individual is expertise, motivation, perseverance, and, if you are lucky, teamwork – Patrick brought his expertise, experience, charm and friendship in a true sense to the table every day even at thousands of miles remove and I am grateful to him and much improved.

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Different Options

If you can not join our detox retreat programs in Koh Samui Thailand we have the option to join our online daily supervised detox fasting programs, and if it still does not suit your available time and budget you can request an online consultation to move you into the right direction. If you are in suffering and pain, knowing you have to make a change there is no reason to wait or procrastinate your dedication to experience a real change. 

1 Week - 1 Month - 3 Months - 6 Months - 1 Year Program durations personally tailored

Personally Tailored

 Home Detox For Your Current Health condition

Our Online Home Detox programs are designed for individuals or groups who wish to retreat but are unable to take a holiday or visit our wellness retreats in Koh Samui, Thailand. You know you need professional guidance and support to help you complete your home detox successfully. Then this is your best choice! Apart from your own home. You can choose any quiet place in the world to retreat, even your own preferred holiday location. Our Online Retreats include A Master Your Own Plan Guide,  daily guidance, weekly consultation, and the needed support through email, skype and in urgent matters, you can reach us by phone.

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Budget Tailored

Professional Online Home Detox Programs 

Important Special Note

To all our guests who are interested to join our Online Wellness Programs. Fill out the health check Form and book your free Consultation.  After mutual agreement on the length and start date of your program complete your payment to confirm your booking. We will send you a confirmation email of the start date of your program and your Master Your Own Plan Detox Program Guide. During your program, you will receive daily guidance by email, mid weekly follow up consultation sessions by Skype or other internet phone options. .This is a new service we offer for those who have not the opportunity to join one of our Optimum Detox retreats in Koh Samui, Thailand.

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Online Wellness Programs

7 Days - 1 Month

Full Initation

Online Detox Program

3 Months - 6 Months

Constant Flow

Online Detox Program

9 Months - 12 Months

The Real Bliss

Online Detox Program

Commitment And Consistency

To Achieve Real Results

Our Online Home Detox programs are designed for individuals or groups who want to challenge themselves to not settle for a quick fix but accept a ‘Real Fix’ that will last them a lifetime. How fast your recovery period will take depend on a lot of factors, but a commitment to change is the first requirement. Genetic weaknesses play a role and very importantly the detox protocol you will be using. Raw foods and botanicals are the most potent nurturing curative foods on this planet.  Accelerating the road to recovery, for many widely spread disorders of health and serious diseases. It influences the human body in a quite astonishing fashion, where all other seemingly curative measures have failed. You may ask yourself, how long will it take for my condition? The best advice we can give you is: “start today!” some improvement is often noticed straight away and as you continue on the journey the benefits will increase more and more.

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Personally tailored online private, family or group detox retreats

Worldwide Available

Internet Access Required

Personally tailored online private, family or small groups detox retreats. Available worldwide in your own home, a quiet location, preferred holiday location. Professionally supervised therapeutic fasting, detoxification, and regeneration programs. If you feel the need to retreat, you would love to visit our wellness detox retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand. It’s not feasible right no? No worries we got you covered!