Why Detox? 

Detoxification Is The Golden Key

Regenerative Detoxification Restores Cellular Function

We detox because the human body was designed to function in a healthy state.  We detox to restore and regenerate cellular function. Naturopathy, the study of nature through science is hence the purest form of the healing arts. The governing principle of naturopathy is based on the natural healing force within each one of us, the greatest force in getting well. Hence the true art of Naturopathy is based on a system that addresses the causative factors of things, not treating the symptoms.

Most notably, regenerative detoxification has a powerful effect on our genetic makeup. Research in the field of epigenetics – Epigenetics involves genetic control by factors other than an individual’s DNA sequence confirms people who ate more raw fruits and vegetables had a reduced risk of heart disease. Even if they carried copies of the gene that increases one’s risk for cardiovascular disease. Raw foods, especially fruits are the key to regeneration. Through fruit and fasting, we reach into the core with our most vital healing intelligence and begin the process of recovery and regeneration, healing at the root.

There is not much mystery to disease. Eating non-ideal foods over time breaks down the tissues that have been weakened by genetics, physical trauma, negative thought patterns, or emotional pain patterns. Eating only raw foods, whole foods, ketogenic-diets, practicing juice fasting, water fasting, intermittent fasting, dry fasting can leave you confused, especially when it’s not healing your issues. High protein and fat diets are missing the powerful main ingredient that is the missing link to cellular regeneration.

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The Beauty And Effectiveness Lie In Its Simplicity

Raw vegetables, especially fruits and botanicals can regenerate every cell in your body from the inside out, dramatically enhancing your quality of life. The beauty and effectiveness of the most powerful healing approach in the world lie in its simplicity. Tested time and time again since the beginning of mankind, lost and rediscovered. Hence used to support just about every physical, emotional, and psychological issue there is. Fruits clean you while they feed you.

Pythagoras credited with being the father of western medicine, mathematics, modern astronomy, philosophy and other sciences. His diet was almost entirely fruits. Pythagoras consequently wrote: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. There are in fact two things, science, and opinion; the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance. Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity. Change your life and get consistent dramatic and lasting results.

Understanding The Critical Role Of Acidosis

Understanding why health degeneration takes place is key to achieve regeneration. Degenerative health conditions, improperly labeled diseases, gradually take hold in the human body as a result of eating a diet which produces an acidic pH in the body. This condition is called acidosis. Acidosis affects the interstitial fluids which surround every cell of the body. This acid bath “burns” and irritates the cell walls of all classes of cellular tissue, including nerves, myelin nerve sheathing, muscles, organ tissue, glandular tissue, leading to cellular inefficiency. The interstitial fluid is part of the Lymphatic System (larger than blood supply). Lymph is intended to carry away waste byproducts of cellular respiration and energy production. Unfortunately, most of us are eating foods which produce an acid pH 24 hours a day, year in and year out. Meats, most grains, starches, and simple carbohydrates (bread, cake, cookies, and cokes), all produce an acid pH.

The first step. We want to bring alkalinity and hydration to our tissues by changing the chemistry you’re bringing in. So you’re going to move from an acid-dominant ingestion to a base-dominant ingestion. To have a base-dominant ingestion, you have to eat mostly fruits, berries, melons, fruit vegetables and raw leafy green vegetables.


There are only two sides to chemistry, acid and base chemicals

Two sides of chemistry Wellness Regenerative Detoxification Retreats

True Detoxification Is Worth The Journey

Detoxification is the alkalizing energizing phase, removing of obstructions (e.g., acids, mucus, parasites, chemicals, minerals, metals, thoughts, and emotions) that block energy and the proper functioning of cells. Regeneration is the rebuilding phase of strengthening the body. Requires an alkaline medium with electrically “alive” nutrients.

Toxic substances, if not eliminated from the body, settle in the tissues and contribute to the systemic degeneration of one’s health through the course of time. Systemic over-acidity within the body eventually impedes the body’s innate ability to detoxify itself from damage caused to its eliminative organs. To initiate the process, a diet of fresh, raw fruits and leafy green vegetables, followed by higher levels of fasting, fruit fast, mono-fruit, juice fast, water fast and short dry fasts are the number one keys to achieve a high level of healing and regeneration, coupling this with tissue-specific cellular botanicals can achieve tremendous results. You are welcome to join our Deva Raksa Restorative Detox Programs.