Success Stories

Success Stories to inspire you!

Success stories from guests are gathered over the years when I supervising their detox wellness program in different health retreats. This is from 2017 – 2020 in various locations in Thailand, mainly Koh Samui Thailand and Khanom, Nai Plao Beach. where pink dolphins can still be spotted.

Success stories are also gathered from online wellness detox programs from 2018 – 2020. Every guest I met has enriched my life in some way or the other, we can learn something from every person we meet. 

We exchange experience, and supervising detox wellness programs is very rewarding! It would be hard for me to go back to a 9 to 5 job just to have money to pay the bills for food and a roof over my head.  

My experience in body and mind was very successful one Patrick was very helpful and supporting he trained me to eat healthy never left me alone in my illness there I am already a diabetic person I wasn't finding my medicine there he was doing his best to bring me the medicine Patric was my advisor for a better life.
Maha Rabie
Client - ecember 29, 2017
I met Patrick in Thailand during my detox program. He was good explaining all aspects of detoxification, including nutrition but also fitness. I learned a lot from him. He was a good influence in terms of supporting my healthy lifestyle.
Seda Solmaz
Client- March 24, 2017
I met Patrick several years ago in Thailand where he was leading the Detox and Wellness retreat I participated in.Now there's an abundance of retreats available out there but what for me truly set Patrick apart was his in depth knowledge, his true interest in me as a person, my journey and my roadblacks to living healthier, more happily and at ease.There was a spirituality to it that helped me reconnect to something in myself I had been cut off from for too long.Patrick was professional yet very amicable and he is just a wonderful guy. Coming home I promised myself that I would do this for myself every second year for the rest of my life - because it propelled me onto such an awesome path in my life.Patrick's work comes with my highest praise and I wish for everyone to do this for themselves just once in their lives!
Helene Friis Philipsen (
August 10, 2017
Patric has helped me lose weight and improve my health at New Body and Mind in Koh Samui Thailand over the past two years. He is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I wish him well in his new venture and would recommend his services to anyone trying to get into better shape and improve their well being.
Zilla Efrat Friedman (Israel)
March 16, 2017
My experience in Koh Samui retreat under Patrick's professional management and care, I could see that he and his staff has put their hearts totally into ensuring that I achieve my weight loss goal in a very helpful and serene environment.
Ai Lee Kok (Singapore)
arch 11, 2017
My time doing the weight loss / detox program with Patrick ( lovely nurse) was truly one of the best things I have done for myself. Patrick will consider your individual needs ; coach you through the program at your own pace and help you reach your goal. I felt very well looked after and cared for. I left feeling so much better and prepared to continue on my journey to being healthier and stabilising my weight. Thanks again Patrick.
Liesbeth McCosh
Client - April 15, 2018
Cristy Sada recommends Wellness· Patrick is a very responsible and sensitive person who was of great personal help for me last year. I went for two weeks to Thailand, and he there for my well being every step of the way, He is the type of person that you will never forget. I fully recommend him to you if and only if you want to get in shape, loose weight, and return to your own self and shine. Cristina Sada Salinas Mexico
Cristina Sada Salinas (Mexico)
April 16, 2017
Testimonial 28 Days Fruit Cleanse
One of the Best Coaches I know. Very openminded and completely judge free..... love his services!
Klara Lima
March 11, 2017
Patrick is a warm patient beautiful human being with a clear understanding on how to refresh your wellbeing inside and out. A person with spiritual kindness who will guide you on your journey of mind & body cleansing who will always be with you.
Manda Warner
Client - March 27, 2017
Testimonial 28 Days Fruit Cleanse
Super Wellness Body mind and soul included. Recommend at all ☺
Nano Schleuder
September 14, 2018
Patrick is amazing! Such an inspiration and helped me so much with my lifestyle and diet. The best coach! Thank you.
Rhian Thomas
Client - May 1, 2017
Testimonial 28 Days Fruit Cleanse
Finding Patrick on the other end of the phone opened the door to the first hopeful conversation I had had in a long time. I had long since lost the battle against stress and other inner struggles. My body and mind were spent at far too young an age.While I knew I was trapped in an unhelpful narrative, I did not know how to climb out of it and could not hear or listen to the signs around me. He guided me over a month through the first steps of healing myself holistically. He remained calm and skilfully managed my changing moods, irritability and frustrations through a difficult rejuvenation process.Doctors specialized in Interstitial Lung diseases had told me there was no cure for a rare autoimmune disease I had. My lungs looked like swiss cheese in a CT scan - filled with cavities and cysts due to a malfunction of the langerhan cell where instead of healing wounds, my cells began to attack them. Against all odds, a month in Thailand under Patrick's guidance reversed 80% of this damage. When I went back home, doctors were stunned and baffled by the regression of the disease and did not believe that "bunk" alternative methods could have helped me where science couldn't. Till today, I don't fully understand what happened in those 30 days. Of course, I am not implying some miracle took place but what was more miraculous was getting someone as stubborn and defiant as I am to surrender to a process, to surrender to letting my body heal itself. And that would not have been possible without Patrick's nurturing presence.Of course, I "retoxed" very quickly :p after that first attempt at wellness but unknowingly I began a journey towards helping myself and understanding the relationship between body and mind in a way that I was previously dismissive or scornful of.In the three years since then, Patrick himself has been taken aback by the progress I've made (albeit not in a slope but in progressive circles) and areas of knowledge that I have dabbled in which he may not yet understand. However, his patience, consideration and amazing ability to listen compassionately brought relief and light into a very dark space. His openness about his own healing process, and his honesty about his vulnerabilities, as well as his constant desire to educate himself are traits that will always benefit everyone around him.I have sent other friends his way and they have had a similarly empowering experiences. Taking care of yourself is a burden and a responsibility that most of us are afraid to admit we buckle under. Trust Patrick to be both firm and gentle when you reach out to change your self.
Beverly Bhaangi (Bahrain)
April 29, 2017
Hi Patrick, Hope you are well and enjoying your new role. Attached are my latest blood results. A significant improvement. My inflammation is almost within normal range.(CPR)I am sticking to healthy eating – mostly fruits and vegies. And foung a yoga and meditation class. Thank you again for helping me get onto the right path. Take care. Lesley
Lesley Funell (Australia)
May 1, 2019
Patrick is one of those rare people I was lucky enough to work with a few years ago in Koh Samui. His patience, understanding, and expertise make him a valuable asset to any wellness plan. There is a light that shines from Patrick that can only be cultivated from participating in a real journey of self-care, self-compassion, and healing. I highly recommend his services to anyone!
Brooke Olivia Beighle (United States Of America)
April 19, 2017
I have been coached by Patrick during the last ten years on three different occasions, Patrick helped me to change my lifestyle and eating habits with his extensive knowledge of food types and hierarchy and most importantly the right food combinations, which made me loose weight in a healthy manner and most importantly maintaining the ideal weight overtime.Patrick is a very knowledgeable person with a calm and pleasant personality. His nutritional methods are healthy and easy to adhere to, and the results are very satisfactory.If you have a problem in maintaining your weight and keeping a healthy diet, Patrick might be the solution.
Raed Azcoul
April 15, 2017
We met Patrick in Thailand 2 years ago at a health retreat, we went as a whole family and he was amazing in guiding all of us with our specific needs, my husband had both high cholesterol and diabetes, with his guidance he lowered both of them and got off his medication.
Filiz Ceylanbas (Australia)
March 13, 2017
Testimonial 28 Days Fruit Cleanse
End of summer 2015 I spend 10 days with Patrick coaching me during my detox program. I indeed lost more than few pounds and carried on but. Besides, I changed a series of bad habits thanks to his teaching. I did learn a lot more during those days than I did by myself before. I also got the support I needed to make the first steps. In fact I would not mind a refresher course from time to time as his help was clearly effective for me. I will certainly recommend Patrick to those asking me.
Oliver Godin (France)
May 17, 2017
Testimonial 28 Days Fruit Cleanse
Patrick you are such a beautiful inspiration and I'm so proud of what I see! Ever since I met u in 2007 I've learnt so much from u in terms of health and spirituality,, thank u for always sharing your wisdom and shining positivity on my and my family. Forever greatful and blessed to have u in my life Sending u all the love
Yasmine Al-Ansari (Dubai)
March 15, 2017
Testimonial 28 Days Fruit Cleanse
I just had my first ever experience on detox program with Wellness Bodyguard. The results was more than my expectations both physically and mentally. The team was caring and support all the way throughout the program and even follow up after finished. If you never have any experience in detox, this is the right team you can trust and if you experienced it before, this are the right team to take you to another level of detox. I will definitely be back!
Uma Kuasom (Thailand)
December 28, 2018
Great inspiring FB site Patrick. Congratulation and big thanks for inspiring us and empowering us to be the best version of ourselves! I would be really happy if you could keep posting, couching us and inspiring us for more healthy, balanced and mindful life. Thanks
Zdeňka Přerovská
March 13, 2017
Easy to talk to and very informative. Patrick gave us tools we still follow today. Looking forward to follow your new journey
Marisa Wiman (Australia)
May 25, 2017
Being coached by Patric in 2015 and 2016 has been life changing for me. After taking part in the detox programme my physical and mental wellbeing changed both in he the short term but more importantly long term, I found I am educated to make better lifestyle choices, more will power and overall mind and body conditioning. Only having completed the program have I realised how the choices I make towards health and lifestyle totally influence the way I feel, react, think and look!If your thinking of being mentored by Patric don't hesitate just do it! He is a wealth of knowledge and experience and will guide you towards the best version of yourself!
Kathy Fletcher (United Kingdom)
March 20, 2017
Ever worked with Patrick To say that is a committed, diligent and caring customer. And he has a lot of knowledge about health.
Jaidee Pam (Thailand Racha Kiri Resort & Spa)
March 21, 2017
Testimonial 28 Days Fruit Cleanse
Patrick has been my wellness mentor over the last 10 years. There have been many weeks of intense 'one on one' sessions, combined with fasting, excercise and sessions of relearning things about myself and how to maintain and improve my imperfect body and mind. Patrick is also great at following up on his charges, to keep you encouraged & motivated! His thirst for knowledge in all facets of holistic healing make him a fantastic friend and leader in his field! Has helped me have an extra 10 years so far and with his continual help, l hope many more! Thanks Patrick!
Wayne Motton (Australia)
September 6, 2017
Testimonial 28 Days Fruit Cleanse
😊Good morning from Koh Samui! Delicious breakfast post 6 day juice fast. If you need a little time out to rest & reset this is the place! I’m in paradise! Patrick makes the juice detox easy & everyday starts with a long walk along the beach or through the villages. Then open air yoga & massage & steam. The raw food workshop was delicious & we visited waterfalls & took a boat out to the Islands. ✨💫Everything has been absolute bliss! As Patrick say “retreat to advance” Thank you Patrick & everyone at the Spa & Resort. So kind and caring! A magical & divine experience. 💫✨ 💗
Andi Cooper (Australia)
September 9, 2018
Testimonial 28 Days Fruit Cleanse
My partner and I had a fantastic experience on the 10 day Regenerative Detoxification programme. We would both highly recommend it. Our supervisor, Patrick Van Brussel, was incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and attentive to our needs. We left the programme feeling in much better health, and a lot more clued up and empowered about how we could continue leading a healthier life back at home. All of the staff at the Spa were fantastic - caring, supportive and professional. The hotel is peaceful and the setting is beautiful. Thoroughly recommended.
Emma Victoria (United Kingdom)
June 10, 2018
Testimonial 28 Days Fruit Cleanse
Patrick is a great listener and an even wonderful person. Thank you for everything and looking forward to be working with you in Bhutan too.
Dechen Wangmo Dukpa (Buthan)
January 23, 2018
Testimonial 28 Days Fruit Cleanse
Patrick is the most knowledge, professional, kind and efficient health, detox and weight loss specialist I have ever met. His precious advice can help anyone whatever the problem is. His help is the best recommendation I can give around me.
Clara Una Limage (France)
September 6, 2017
Testimonial 28 Days Fruit Cleanse
Patrick was instrumental in me getting what i needed in terms of guidance and support. He was very helpful and a great listener always ready to give his time and assistance to others. I would recommend him (and have many times) to anyone who feels stuck and needs someone to guide them through tricky hurdles in their lives
Ivan West
May 16, 2017
I had the privilege of meeting Patrick in Koh Samui not too long ago. His expertise in mental and physical wellness is beyond question. What’s most impressive though, is his knack for conveying the information he’s gathered over the years. In addition to learning a lot, I’ve been able to implement numerous changes and practices in my daily life.All the best Patrick!
Poulose Matthen
April 11, 2017
I had a fabulous time detoxing with Patrick this April at this wonderful resort in Koh Samui. My 10-day program changed me in a lot of ways. I had pain from osteoarthritis and had a very difficult time to move/carry myself (mainly because of the excess weight). During the first days as my body started to get rid of toxins, I felt an extreme tiredness, but later on my energy found its way back to my body and I was able to slowly move more and enjoy it too. This was my 3rd time doing a similar program and second time with Patrick, but this time, due to the regular workshops and detailed explanations, I was able to grasp the essence of the theory, which is necessary for putting things into practice. I lost about 5 kilos during this time and going back to my usual environment, I managed to implement some lifestyle changes, keep the weight off and continue on the path to further weight loss and better health. Already, due to my increased energy level I can carry out a lot more activities on a daily basis and feel much better overall! I am thankful for Patrick and his wonderful team’s excellent coaching aid and personal attention they paid to me and to every single program participant. I would absolutely recommend him and this program to anyone who wishes to improve the quality of their life, get a mental and physical reboot within a short period of time but with a long-term impact, in a breathtaking setting of a tropical paradise!
Renata Rekasi (Luxemburg)
May 7, 2018 ·
Patrick was my guidance and awareness raiser for a healthier and more peaceful life. He gave me all support that I needed mentally, emotionally and add more to my knowledge. Patrick's way of teaching brings happiness into inner and makes you calm, loving the life, feel more confident, build up self-steam and moreover open your eyes for loving yourself and others and enjoying life more and more. The time that I spent in the resort under his supervision made me feel strongly connected to myself and needs. Encouraged me to leave bad habits and start with good ones, have faith and achieved getting harmony between my body, mind and soul. Patrick is an amazing person on both level, private as well as on professional level.
Suzan Musa
September 18, 2017
My experience with Patrick was one of a kind. He had trained me not only to eat healthy and loss weight but how to think healthy too. Approach to life, mind set and how to enhance my motivation was one of his strengths. What I loved too is that all his technics are based on scientific facts which gave me a lot of confidence and assurance of the practice. I have been 4 times and I will definitely be back soon for more.
Hussam Sbayteh
September 6, 2017