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Welcome to an amazing journey into the discovery and understanding of the laws of health and vitality! Detoxification should be at the heart of Naturopathic natural medicine. Unfortunately, the art of detoxification has been truly forgotten in our modern world of treatment based science.

Detoxification is nature’s science that has been used for thousands of years to restore health and vitality to our physical, emotional, and mental bodies.  It is not a system of treatment – it is a system of curing!

Come and learn that your physical body is nothing but cells bathed in two fluids. Blood and lymph. You will learn about the chemistry of these cells and the need to consume electrolyte nutritional rich base chemistry foods that create a high electrical and nutritive effect upon these fluids (hence, cellular regrowth).

You will learn about the true nature of your lymphatic and immune systems and why this is a vital focus in detoxification.  Learn how to cleanse the body of the poisons which are destroying your health.  Most importantly, you will learn the WHY’s when it comes to dis-ease progression and how to begin the process of naturopathic regenerative detoxification!

Detoxification and Fruits

Superior deep-tissue detoxification can only take place with fruits. Vegetables, because of their lower energetic, antioxidant and astringent properties, and their complex cellulose structures will only detoxify you so far, and then you will reach a plateau. Dr. Morse in his clinical experience sees it all the time in various detox and health retreat centers that discourage the consumption of fruits. Dr. Morse had a lot of clients who have tried the “detox centers” that focus on vegetables and teach clients to avoid fruits because of the assumption that it is too high in sugar. Interesting after trying the detox based on vegetables and then they call Dr. Morse out of desperation. They are always craving fruits! Add fruit and botanicals to the mix and you will have a superior way to win over the cancer you created.

Wellness Exclusive Sessions

Join Patricks – Local Interactive WorkshopsWorkshops

At The Spa Resorts, Koh Samui

Patrick holds weekly health workshops at THE SPA RESORTS.  Workshops topics of interest are:

  • Regenerative Detoxification – Activating the natural healing force within.

  • Nurturing Detox Nutrition: Its beauty and efficiency lies in its simplicity.

  • Personal Development – A Story Untold – Whatever it Takes – InterActive Work Shop.

  • Stress & Mind Management: Master Your Own Plan – It’s Your Path, no One Else’s

  • The Power Of One: Raising Global Consciousness – InterActive Work Shop.

Wellness Regenerative Detoxification Retreats Understanding The Critical Role Of Acidosis

Your Source Of Inspiration

Find the motivation, and support you have been looking for. The Direct Detox Path to Body and Mind self-healing and recovery. We leave no stone unturned!


Lifestyle Support 

One -To One Or Group

Patrick encourages a new kind of leadership for this new emerging generation. He values being true to yourself and helping others to do the same. Do not settle for less. Let’s focus together on what is for mankind best interests. His motto:”An original is worth more than a copy.” Increase your vitality and wellbeing!

Teambuilding & Leadership 

Increase Effectiveness

Group consultations or private retreats are an incredibly powerful way to increase your teams’ effectiveness. Every Individual is unique and an important part of the foundation of any successful endeavor. These sessions have a diverse range of benefits, a powerful method of enhancing your teams’ success and wellbeing bringing them together developing further productive relationships, communication, and cooperation.

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Public Speaking

Lectures & Talks 

Make A Change Today!

Invite Patrick to speak during your conferences, retreats, and seminars.  Always go for Win-Win Situations. You will get value for your investment, an experience you will not easily forget. Joining his Impactful motivational talks,  sharing his experience and knowledge, makes your prescence worthwhile.

Interactive Workshops

A Story Untold

Patrick is an excellent workshop host, talented, inspiring, motivating, knowledgeable, with his own touch of making it excited.  His personal story will continue to inspire you, to move on with life no matter what.  In his interactive workshops, he encourages to share your own. His talks and workshops will touch you on a physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social level, no matter what your current state of wellbeing is. He will inspire you to thrive on all levels.

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Few things feel so good as a personally tailored service

Our services should fit like a glove, we personally tailor all our services to your current situation, your needs, and requests.  A perfect fit shouldn’t just be limited to a suit. There is no” One Size Fits All” solution for everyone, we all are on different levels of personal health, our personal journey, level of awareness and consciousness, knowledge and experience. We love to give you that special finishing touch to fit you like a glove, exactly just what you need.

Organize Your Retreat – Speaker Invitations – Local & Worldwide 

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